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$36 SNG Video FTP

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    • Andjing
      Joined: 16.04.2008 Posts: 1,240
      Ah, 36$ at FTP that's my domain :D Im downloading now, I'll post my findings later today.
    • viewer88
      Joined: 19.04.2008 Posts: 5,545
      I'll download and watch it this weekend or perhaps tonight, bump this thread so we don't forget :D
    • salflip
      Joined: 02.10.2007 Posts: 606
      Thx guys,

      I dont usually play this tight btw, after analyzing my play with wiz i was shocked as to how many mistakes I made.

      I think I won some $$$ as well, if I remember correctly. :D
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      ok i watched it. kinda boring without sound tbh but i still tried my best to pay attention :D . still very possible i missed something :)

      1:30 ur: A9o is no open raise for me here. it´s jsut not necessary to invest chips here.
      3:15 bl: you weren´t involved in the hand but i would definately recommend to take a note about eisit´s limp/push with 99. he plays at the br table as well later on so a note might have been helpful. even when you are using stats taking notes is crucial. especially when you are only playing 4 tables and have time for it :)
      9:10 ul: tbh i haven´t noticed how the guy lost his stack but the call becomes +EV if he pushes more than 24% which is about any pocket, any A, very good Kx and QJs. i definately see him pushing that wide. good call imo
      10:10 ul and br: 75o complete is ok imo but i wouldn´t blame you for folding. A2s would be a complete from the SB for me but i would fold it from the BU
      13:00 bl: QJs: i think i would just check the turn and see what happens. bit weak maybe
      14:00 bl: maybe a bit weak but i think i wouldn´t 3-bet 99 here. he looks quite active but you don´t have many hands and i don´t want to invest 25% of my very solid stack just to look him up. furthermore people like him often tend to just call preflop and then you have to contibet flops like Qrr or Jrr etc. etc.
      19:00 bl: KQo becomes a +EV call if he is pushing more than 31%. good call imo
      19:10 ul: i guess you can push KQo here. close though. can´t blame you for folding. ur you hesitated a bit with the A9s -> easy push (as you did)
      23:30 bl: JJ. i don´t think that i would be able to fodl this against this guy. nh imo
      27:00 bl: 72s is not good enough for a bet on the flop imo. the limper could easily have some kind of pocket pair which he won´t fold or he might just ship in a hand like Ax with a gutshot and a pair (or an overcard). it worked though :P
      28:00 bl: this is close between a raise and a push. i haven´t seen much from dahippo so i can´t really tell what the best line is :P . when i´m not sure i usually tend to push because i don´t want to get restolen and get into ugly spots. a push is cetainly +EV so i guess i would take it
      31:00 br: quite aggro push with 65o. dogscrat was on all 4 tables so i guess he is a reg and knows that he has to call loose... i guess i would wait for better spots.
      32:00 br: if you push 65o you have to push K9s imo
      32:10 ur: ugly spot. it´s the bubble and you should have a bunch of FE. you can push atc if he calls less than 9%... i guess i would do it just to gain a bigger chiplead and be able to play straight for first place. his stats look scary though... can´t blame you for folding. definately lower variance play and maybe a push would even be -EV against this guy. not really used to stats as i said.
      33:40 ur: same thing. with both folds you gave up the chiplead
      34:30 ul: T8o a is shove for me. stacks are almost even. nobody can call you
      36:00 ur: J8o would be another shove for me. again it´s very close but i just want to gain/keep the chiplead. if you push this one you can push the next hand as well quite often.
      36:30 ul: 74s is a fold for me. you opponents seem to know how to call loose and the bubble is already over.
      37:45 ur: KTo is definately a shove for me. yes the BB has you covered but he still can´t call you wide because it will completely cripple him isf he loses. A9o -> shove
      39:40 ur: K3o. this hand kinda suprised me tbh. i think i would have shoved it as well but after looking it up in the wiz it looks like a fold to me. it becomes -EV if he calls more than 17%. quite close.
      40:00 br: AQ, well you ran good so far :D . i would take a note. his minraise/call with A9o on the bubble is kinda horrible
      can´t really say much about the hu. just unlucky i guess. some close shoves. 83s and 72o are ok if he calls less then like 37-38%. i think you know these players better than i do but i guess it should be ok.

      i hope i was able to help you a bit. obviously this is just what i´m thinking and i´m always interested in other opinions :)
    • salflip
      Joined: 02.10.2007 Posts: 606
      Thx frzl, I really apppreciate the feedback. :D

      sorry if I bored you at all

      Very good anaylsis btw, especially about my play around the bubble which was way too tight.

      I definately need to be more agro as the chipleader on the bubble.

      I am also surprised the k3 hand was a fold