My 2 months of poker experience

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      I've been playing for exact 2 months so i thought it would be a good idea to analyse my game and see how i can improve.

      In the 2 months, i learned a lot. I lost some, i won some, i got mad on bad beats, coolers,... I smilled when my aces held up on a preflop all in versus 2 players (KK and QQ). I almost cried when i lost my biggest pot (40$ on 10NL) with a full house vs a higher full house but most of all... i had a great time!

      The title could be somewhat wrong because in fact, i started playing poker more than a year ago but then i never read many books, i didn't analyse my hands, didn't listen to people and most of all, i didn't try to beat tilting... That's why i quit after a few months.

      2 Months ago i played a freeroll on unibet from a local pokerforum and i noticed i had 10$ left on my unibet account so why not give it a shot...

      I started at the lowest limit (4NL). 10$ is way to little to play 4NL. I had only 2.5BI's but it seemed enough. In no time i won some buy ins. After 12K hands i had a profit of +/- 170$ only from 4NL. According to HEM i have a winrate of +/- 30BB/100hands witch i find very good!

      After those 12k hands i thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot at 10NL. Slightly below my BR but considering the fact that i crush 4NL i thought it wouldn't be that bad. I also told myself that when my BR drops below 100 i go back to 4NL.

      My first few sessions at 10NL were a disaster. In no time i lost almost 100$. I changed my game. I didn't made the same desissions as i would do on 4NL witch costs my a lot of money.

      so i was below 100$ and i returned to 4NL. Then again, in no time i compensated the los and i would give it another try at 10NL. Perhaps if i grind 4NL to the max, i would have a larger winrate but it has no use to stick at 4NL. I definitly would move up the ladder and i want to adjust for 10NL. My brother gave me Harrington on Cash Games so i start reading. I also analysed my biggest hand to see if i made the correct calls and surprisingly enough, i made a lot of terrible calls. It made me think... What did i do wrong, how can i improve?

      So since then, after each session i go to HEM and look at my biggest and medium pots to see what i did and to replay the hand. It really helped me a lot!

      So i got comforteable at 10NL. My winrate is not that high as on 4NL but it's ok. I played almost 40k hands at 10NL and it's now almost 5bb/100 hands. Considering the tilting and upmoving to 10NL i don't find it that bad...

      So after 40k hands and a profit of almost 300$ i wanted to change the client. Unibet is a nice client, full of fish (i always can find enough tables with a vpip of 35+ or even 40+). I was looking for a free bankroll or bonus. I stumbled on this site and noticed i allready created an account last year but i never used it. I never used that account to create a free bankroll so i thought it would be a good idea to do so. Because i allready had an account on pokerstars, party poker and titan poker i made a free bankroll on full tilt poker. It's not the highest but the rakeback looks very nice.

      So i started with 50$ at FTP on 10NL. From the very moment i noticed that the level is much higher on FTP than on unibet. When i get action i almost can be sure that the opponent also has a very strong hand.
      In the beginning i had some good sessions and i made a few BI's profit. Than i had a brakedown. I don't know why or how but i started tilting. I hade some bad luck loosing when i was 93/7 in front and KK running into aces a few times so i started tilting.
      I know i should stop when i am mad because i can't think clearly when i'm mad and i make wrong desissions but i couldn't stop. I wanted to compensate my loss so i moved all in much more and i lost even more.

      After a few days i started to analyse those sessions and noticed i really have to do something about my tilting... Untill this day i still haven't find a really good solution but i'm working on it.

      One thing i really learned is that i don't have to look at the amount i won or lost but i have to look at the fact if i made the correct call or not. When i loose a big pot when i'm in front when we go all in, then i made the correct call and i shouldn't be mad. It's only variance so on the long term i should not worry about it. On the other hand when i make a call instead of folding and i suckout on someone, than i should be mad because i made the wrong call and variance will make me loose more money than i win on that single pot.

      I also learned to play specific hands in a completly different way. AK for example. I tend to overplay this a lot. I 3bet, raise, go all in, on the flop when i miss i bet, raise,... These days i am more carefull with AK. I want to play small pots instead of big pots with them. TPTK isn't always that good when you go to showdown.

      Overpairs is also a problem type of hand. For example i have TT and the board comes 852 rainbow. What do i do? What do i do if someone goes all in? I used to call this but i notice this is more -EV. Sometimes people will go all in TPTK on such a board so A8 or something but most of the times i am beat with a set or a higher overpair so i play these types of hand more passive on such a board.

      I also think more on what a cbet would mean from villain. I first put him on a range and if i can be sure it's a pure cbet where he mist the flop, i tend to call or raise, depending on my hand. I do the exact same when i want to cbet. On a dry board i cbet much less because i don't have any FE and i would only be called with people who have me beat. I do cbet against people with a fold to cbet% higher than 60%, no mather what the board is. If they call i can be pretty sure they have something but the FE is just to big not to give it a try to cbet.

      Perhaps a large post but i think it's important to analyse yourself sometimes. I played 2 months and almost 52k hands so i thought it would be a good idea to refelct on my game.

      I hope that the conclusions i made are correct. People who would give some other advice or think i made the wrong conclusion, just tell me. I am always willing to learn!

      And last but not least, my 2 month graph :)

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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey Passero,

      What a great first post.

      I really like the way you think about hands and the way you analyze your plays after the session as i do this also and i find it really helps to find the leaks.

      I also like your approach to learning as IMO it is this constant learning and re-learning that makes us a better player and not by just playing thousands of hands.

      As for working on your tilt problems, then maybe these articles could be of interest to you.

    • yaxkukmian
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      Nice graph. 50k hands in two months, you really took poker seriosly. ;)

      It's very important for your game to be aware of your leaks. About tilting - you can only limit it but never eliminate it completely :D

      Keep it up.