Quick upswing reports - Post yours here

    • dandycal
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      Hello everyone,

      I thought it would be interesting to build a list of quick and objective upswing (and downswing) reports just to have a wide notion of what is possible within poker.
      By upswing I mean a period of time during which you present a higher win/rate than normal.

      It seemed reasonable to organise the posts with this info:

      1 - Limit and Strategy you play (BSS, SSS...), time experience (how long you've been playing for real, I mean studying and following the strategy), how many hands you have played in your career (at least a rough estimate).

      2 - Upswing length in days, upswing length in hands played

      3 - BB/100 hands and total BB (win/loss, in this case definitely win) overall.

      4 - Do you attribute the upswing to anything in particular (too many fishes, your intuition is simply perfect =) etc)?

      5- General remarks

      ** Please don't post sample hands here, let's keep it easy to read!

      check the downswing version of this post also: Downsing reports.
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    • Alverine
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      I think im having a good upswing. One week straight winnings

      Its so weird cause i started my college this week and im not having time for poker. But every set I play is a winning set. This week I started with $98 and went to $121 playing only $1 SnG Turbo. The last set was so siick. 4 games, 3 1st place
    • slikec
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      I obviously had upswing which lasted almost 40 days. Now i have a sick 10 days break even headaching poker when i just win 100 and lose 150 to win 100 and lose 50 etc. frustrating /.

      Is easy to have upswing when you hit nice hands which get payed.
    • nafar84
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      I moved up to nl25 SH last night and I'm already 5 stacks up... and the profit even covers 4 horrendous bad beats one in which I flopped the nut straight and got the money in only to lose to runner runner flush. Otherwise I would have easily been 10 stacks up.

      Around 2.7k hands played so far.

      Not to mention I flopped my most beautiful hand ever so far... flopped a straight flush with 56s and got paid off by the nut flush :D

      I did have a great run of cards though... definitely caught a lot of monsters and got paid off. So I won't get too big-headed for the time being, and I still have some adjusting to do for nl25's level of play.
    • Jaissica
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      Normally play BSS 10NL. BR down to $20 on 9 march from a peak of nearly $100 18 feb through a 50/50 combination of downswing and terrible play.

      rebound BR to $40 through solid play 13/03 and 14/03 over about 1000 hands.

      15/03 while waiting for NL10 tables waiting lists sit down on 50BB min NL20 table intending to play supernit to pass time... caught two stacks inside 3 hands (AK vs J2 who tried to push me off TPTK on dry board, JJ vs A9 who went broke flush chasing). 90% BR upswing in 2 minutes. Left table as planned when NL10 spot popped up a few minutes later.

      Strong upswing continued back at regular NL10 (350 hands 16/17 march for +18.60 / ~50BB/100) and BR is at $98.

      Obviously the upswing is largely attributed to a lucky situation of catching AK vs an idiot.