Accused of hacking

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      HI! Well, today for the first time i was accused of hacking :D fist i didnt understood about what he was talking, but well afterwards it clicked in my head :D am slow ... :) ) anyway, i was wondering if hacking even possible in PP ? He said he'll report me somehow w.e, what may happened? o_O are they goin to investigate me? And just general question, have you ever been accused of such thing?

      Quate: "AceAceAss: Boy, r u holding an RND pult from this site?
      BoyRobot777: a what?
      #7876916082: Linden25 wins USD 2,52 $
      AceAceAss: random number generator
      AceAceAss: RNG
      BoyRobot777: whats that?
      #7876917179: AceAceAss wins USD 2 $
      AceAceAss: i don't think that u do that i believe u that u don't know what this is
      #7876918410: AceAceAss wins USD 0,84 $
      BoyRobot777: lol, w/e
      BoyRobot777: i dont know what it is
      #7876919871: Gonzo394 wins USD 0,35 $
      AceAceAss: this is the device determining which cards are dealt
      BoyRobot777: like a hack?
      BoyRobot777: loool mate
      BoyRobot777: ahahah
      AceAceAss: yeah, i thougt u bought or alike got the controlling pult fr " and etc.
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