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Ration of playing : studying for micro players

    • Willy411
      Joined: 24.07.2014 Posts: 231
      In this time we have so many materials about improving poker skill.. Onlline poker tables are open 24/7/365.. How to spent the time the best way? I am player on micro, I am now beating NL5 and I gonna move to NL10.. Which activity you do generally, in which ration? which habits you have or some tips that are so usefull for you?

      Thanks a lot
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    • Bernasconi
      Joined: 04.08.2006 Posts: 486
      Hi Willy411,

      I recently came back to playing Poker and I personally study for about 1/4 of the time. In my opinion you can learn much "on the job" while playing in lower stakes. If I encounter a special / new / hard situation I try to make notes and come back after playing and analyze the hand. Most of the time I post it on PokerStrategy if I cannot work out on my own if the hand was correctly played.

      In short I would say I spend my Poker time like this:

        70% actual playing on online tables
        20% Reading online resources, wachting videos, watching twitch streams, reading PokerStrategy Forums etc.
        10% analyzing my own hands

      I think that the 20% learning are the least productive because if you are looking for resources they are either too easy or too hard and nothing fits you as you need it. Also watching Twitch streams or prerecorded videos I spend many minutes / hours without actively learning something. This is a bit harsh. Most content creators give their very best to produce great content but it is always hard to find the right content for yourself out there. If you find a suitable blog/stream just stick with it and it will help more than jumping across several different content creators.

      Private coaching would be really helpful but it costs a lot of money so I would suggest considering it if you already make a fair amount of money playing Poker.

      This is all my personal opinion and I would be interested in hearing from others (especially better players) how they spend their Poker time.