• Yarcofin
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      I've had so many bad beats in the past few days that it's been ridiculous, I'm starting to question the randomness of FTP.

      I got my $50 from Pokerstrategy and started playing on Full Tilt Poker. For the first 50 or so games, I never even dropped below my starting amount. Then in the past 2 days, I've had a ridiculous number of bad beats... that's the only way to describe it.

      In the past 12 games, I've gone from $55 to $41.

      Prime example last night. I have pocket aces, so I make a hefty raise pre-flop. Someone re-raises, I go all in. This happens:

      Then this morning I've got AK suited, the flop is K and 2 cards that don't form a flush or straight possibility. I make a big raise, someone re-raises. I go all-in. I lose AK to KQ on the river AGAIN when he hits a queen. ARGH!!!

      Just a few examples from what's been a horrible couple of days. Sometimes you can't win even if you're right :(
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    • ziimukaz
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      downswing, huh?
      im down to $36 from $120 with 3 days.
    • Hlynkinn
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      you should read through some of the blogs here.. your just experiencing a little bit of what poker is all about :) ..

      AA vs QQ you'll loose it 20% of the time... so you can't really feel that bad about it...

      It's just variance :)
    • Kruppe
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      yep, ftp is rigged, today i flopped a set and my opponent flopped a straight, then on the turn i hit quads.
    • BradleyStrider
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      i lost count how many times someone has hit runner runner straights on titan, not to mention the insane amount of river bad beats.
    • Dante63s
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      I have bad beats all day long!!! Its part of the game.

      I usualy control myself :D
    • ukwagon
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      Same here mate, just move on to the next hand :)
    • themagpiespg
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      some day are just like that in poker, I've just had 1 my self every time I hit a monster I was out drawn on the river by some 1 chasing a flush draw in theory I should win 3 out of 4 but not to day 6 times in about an hour and a half so left me 6 buy ins down. every time I hit trips on the flop. closed Titan down until later.

      I am playing BSS on nl0.4, as a it seems to work very well but just not to day so far. So as long as u play the strategy it should work out in a profit in the long run.
    • rowzee
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      Aces don't seem that profitable anymore. A few days ago I lost with my pocket aces 4 times in one session, always to somebody with kings :rolleyes:
    • Dragar
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      Ya goto relax and take it easy.... profits will always come :)
    • straddler71
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      Just keep making the right plays and you'll see your br go up. Your going to have to deal with bad beats every single time you play. Its better just to accept that fact and deal with it the best way you can. Your opponent is going to suck out on you every now and then and sometimes you will suck out on your opponent when your behind. It all evens out in the end.

      An example. Was playing a qualifier the other day. 8 players left and had to finish in the top five. Was done to my last 12 big blinds. Was in 7th place and had to make a move soon. Utg im dealt AA and thought I was going to double up. I lose to a set of tens and out in 8th place and got nothing.

      You would think this would have sent me on tilt. I really didn't feel anything when I saw the three tens. Just closed the table and opened up some cash tables.

      Good luck to you.