$3.40 Turbo 10s

    • Verre
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      Hey all,

      I'm just wondering your opinion on these. I notice some regulars almost every time i sit down, and I've decided I will grind these. As of right now I am very weak on the SnG front. I am a full blown tournament player and tend to cash when I play them, although since I moved to pokerstars I am trying to get VPPs.

      I have seen 2 Supernovas regular these tournaments and lots of gold stars. Anyone else having success on these tournaments? I am basically breaking even at this point, which is a big improvement from the downfall I was taking before. I seem to be at the brink of making profit in STTs.

      Wish me luck and let me know your input.
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    • ccccclllll
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      i found these very easy, didn't play many before I moved up to the $6.50's. Most players don't seem to know what they are doing and once you get used to the basic strategy of low limit SNG's you should crush them.