Switching from SSS to BSS

    • Volrath89
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      Hello, I'd like to stop playing SSS (played it a lot, and all i got was the elephant license and pstars FPP, but i didn't have any profit).

      I'd like to change to BSS, but according to BRM (my bankroll is now about $120, the profit is due to MTT) I should play on a limit like NL5, but when i was going to enter to a nl5 table on pokerstars I found that I could enter the table with 10 dollars. According to BSS, I should alway buy-in 100 BB, that is 5.00, but if I do follow this rule I'd be midstack against all ppl who enter with the max. buy-in!.

      So, i was wondering, should I play NL5 with 100 bb and being kind of "midstack", should I play NL5 with $10, or should I just play nl10? Anyway, who has suggestions to stop playing SSS with this bankroll?.. than you.
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    • williamtywong
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      I just recently made the switch to bss too, manged to start at NL10 with $300 due to deposit bonus that i cleared earlier on with SSS. Anyways, I think if you bought in $10 at NL5, it kinda defeats the purpose of your BRM since you woudl still only have 12 buy-ins, in taht case, you would be better off just goign to NL10. however, i think it is ok for you to buy into NL5 with $5. First off, your 100bb stack is in relations to the blinds, and not necessarily the players (it's not uncommon for u to encounter winning players who have more than 100BB when you join a table anyways). Ultimately, it's more important to win at each table, so if you were able to turn your $5 to $10 through good play, then you too would have a large stack (without putting your brm at risk).

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    • soucy
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      Buy in with $5 .. 100 BB max.

      If you buy in with $5 and all other players with $10 then you are not a midstack. All other players are deepstack with 200bb instead of the normal 100bb.

      Don't ignore the BRM and only buy in for 100bb max. Otherwise you've only 13 buy ins which is kind of aggressive BRM. I can't recommend that to a player which is just starting with BSS.
    • xponentx
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      Just something to consider, if you aren't profiting with SSS, is it really a good idea to move to BSS? Either you're on a big downswing, in which case you probably haven't played enough SSS to even it out, or you have leaks that you should really plug before moving to BSS.

      This is just my opinion, as I wouldn't change to a different strategy or limit unless I was making a comfortable profit on my current strategy/limit.
    • Maniatrix
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      Anyways, I think if you bought in $10 at NL5, it kinda defeats the purpose of your BRM since you woudl still only have 12 buy-ins, in taht case, you would be better off just goign to NL10.
      Why would that be better?

      Anyways I'd suggest buying in for 5$ due to your bankroll. You'll eventually doubble up and be as deep as everyone else, only difference from a normal 100bb table is that now the fish may often buy in for 200bb. The fish rarely has more than 100bb on regular tables which is bad.
    • alejandrosh
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      there's no point to buyin with 200bb if you are just making the switch from sss to bss imo. buyin for $5 and see how it goes, 100bb is big enough to have fun.
    • TribunCaesar
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      buy in for 100BB, if you are more experienced, later on, you can buy in for 200BB, but you need to know how to adjust to that. It can be pretty profitable though.

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    • Volrath89
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      Thanks for your advices, so far I've been buying in for 100bb, and after 13k hands I have a profit of $ 90.51 or 13.43BB/100, which is just awesome for me, I wonder if this is normal for BSS and the limit? (because I was v. happy with 3bb/100 playing SSS) or if im just in an upswing?

      Anyway, soon I'll reach the > $250 BR needed to play NL10 and everything will be ok :)
    • PidKoker
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      That is somewhat of an upswing but if you are experinced you can beat the lower limits very easily because of so many bad players. Iv been playing BSS since march 1 and im winning at like 3BB/100 over 16k hands @ NL25 (alot of dumb overplayed hands on my part though)
    • andyb43
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      The best thing about BSS over SSS imo is that BSS is more fun because you actually play poker and don't just bot along for profit.............
    • LemOn36
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      13K hands is a very small sample actually.

      And I did it in the way of Roll/25 = my buy-in at NL5.

      Then I got bored after 60K hands of NL2 NL5 and decided to go for 23BI shot at NL10. It is VERY exciting to play with 20BI(dont try this at home kids)
    • Jaissica
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      13.43BB/100 is quite sustainable on micro with BSS.There are alot juicy fish you can fillet. Im holding at just under 20BB/100 over my last 5000 or so, NL10 Titan. At least I hope its sustainable :D