€50,000 Prima Poker Missions at RedKings

To celebrate the launch of the new Prima software on the MPN network, RedKings released a wide range of daily missions players can complete to win tickets to enter €50,000 worth of Prima Poker Tournaments.

There will be one €1,000 Prima Poker Mission tournament each day until September 1 as well as a big €30,000 Prima Poker Mission final on September 9, starting at 18:00 GMT.

How it works

Each calendar day until September 1 simply fire up the new Prima software and play to complete the currently active daily mission, which is always made up of two tasks, for instance, playing a Fish Party SNG and posting blinds in 25 hands on NL10.

Completing both tasks in each daily mission will reward you with a ticket which you can then use to join a €1,000 Prima Mission tournament, always running the following day at 18:00 GMT.

Additionally, any player who just completes one daily mission during the promotion period will be pre-registered to the €30,000 Prima Poker Mission Final on September 9 and the more missions you complete overall, the more chips you will start out with in the big final.

RedKing's terms & conditions apply and may be changed at any time.

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