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Becoming GOAT at mtt's

    • Jordyvde
      Joined: 03.05.2015 Posts: 1,815
      Hey, some of you may know me some not. I have played poker professionally for 2 and a half years back when i was making videos aswell for pokerstrategy. I decided to take a break from poker (which was about 4/5 month's) because things were not going my way in my private life. Short story on my mtt career: Originally a cashgame player who is looking to get back up to mid stakes again. Right now im playing about a $5 / $6 abi and the only real 'big' tournaments im playing right now are tournaments around the $15 edge. I decided to switch from the Dutch forum to the English forum as i believe it has more traffic. The goal with this blog is to post about 1/2 times a week posting goals and shit i want to achieve before 'X' Date, also someone might find the motivation that he first couldn't find ;)

      Currently my ROI is 22.3% over 7k games which is decent i guess because i have been playing cash for so long im crushing earlygame but find my self in tough spots lategame alot. Not sure yet if it is the fact that everyone is just so damn nitty at micro's or im just calling off in spots where people dont bluff at all (even if i have the perfect bluff catcher for certain runouts)

      Goals for August/September:
      Atleast 9 hours of HRC work, which comes down to about half an hour a day / 1 hour per every 2 days.
      Finish Raiseyour edge course
      (occasionally i can place new goals here if i complete the one's that are already written down in here)

      I'd love to make goals for every month but i cant promise 100% to complete them every month. This due to the fact im in my last school year and this is the most important one. Hope you had fun reading and perhaps subscribe to this journey!

      The roots of education are bitter.. But the fruit is sweet!
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