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SH- How To Evaluate your hand strength and position

    • PidKoker
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 416
      I have read the FR articles and they were very helpful in FR.. I have been playing PLO10 & PLO25... jsut wanted to get a regular SH players oppinon on which kinds of starting hands can be raised first in ( and if these hands should be a 3 bet if givin the chance{only hands I 3bet are QQ+ but mostly AA/KK }) and which hands can i start to open raise with from CO/BTN.

      Also about defending (which i almost never do unless im getting the right price with a wrap type hand)

      Thing I know about SH.. Position Position Position, on the button I do sometimes open raise with not such great holdings but hands that can make nut hands or strong/nut draws. In EP I dont play anything but Premium hands..

      How to deal with maniacs and how to deal with tight players.
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    • Jim9137
      Joined: 13.11.2007 Posts: 5,608
      I pretty much raise anything first in I'm comfortable playing against that table. Semi good wraps, big pairs without kickers, half of broadway hands are all playable to me from position if there are no limpers, or just one, and the play is generally passive. PL10 & PL25, as long as your postflop skills are adequate, you can mix up the play in passive tables. Aggressive tables, less so, because you can't live on your bluffs and don't get nearly as many free cards.

      I 3-bet infrequently in PLO. I don't think it really manages to achieve must in most cases; but if we are playing deep, I can 3-bet with a good double suited wrap or coordinated highpair. 8765 is a fine 3-bet hand, but you can't contibet flops that often if you 3-bet from OOP. Ergo, I usually only 3-bet from position, unless I have aces and get most of my money in. :P

      Defending? Again, depends a lot on the opponent. Some people just check when they miss the flop, and against these players it's ridiculously easy to play against, while others always bet the flop - creating some interesting check-raise opportunities, as well as giving hero the directions to valuetown. But yes, I don't really bother to defend unless I have a good hand. It's just not necessary at PL10/PL25 level.

      Maniacs? Tighten your range, wait for a good flop, shove it in, write easy money to chat.

      Tight players? Raise preflop, bet postflop, bet on the river, flee if they show interest. Easy money, and they'll never realize a thing.