Should we be only playing Large pairs QQ+.. and maybe lower pairs IF it looks like we have the best Hi hand on 3rd street. (iv had problems with JJ on 3rd street with players showing Q or K and calling down which is usually a sign of a Pair so just let it go on 4th street?)

Also playing 3 card wrap and 3 suited cards ..of couse counting our outs how many dead outs before these type of hands become unplayable... or should we almost always peel 1 card on 3rd street? also if we improve to an OESD should we call down if it looks like we have the best draw?

what about hands like 667 with 67s or 788 with 78s are these hands playable if so under which conditions. (if we dont improve to 2 pair or if we improve to 3 card staight or 3 card flush should we fold or does it matter about how many Live outs we have?{ 3 card straight flush with a pair seems playable on 4th street.}

Would really appreciate some feedback from you Jim or anyone else who plays Stud. Looking for some info about playing 3rd, 4th & 5th street.