Just wondering how different is this game VS 100BB stacks and Deep 200BB stack games.

I assume that its a good idea to get it in PF with AAxx or KKxx because of stack sizes if you can get 40% in PF just get the rest in on the flop?

Also drawing hands also must lose value since the effective stack size of 40bb reduces the value of straight/flush draws on the flop.

2pair with some sort of other draw (gut shot, flush, or straight) is like the nuts just get it in on the flop?

Of course I am speaking in general and not about addapting this style to my opponents at the table. I read Jims interesting post about this topic and he says he uses about 30-40 BRM which seems rather loose me personally I would want to use something like 50-75 at the lower stakes PLO 25/50 and increase it around PLO100

Wanting to hear other players thoughts about Cap games and their experinces in this type of PL0 game