Rakes in Titan Poker

    • ElCreaDor
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      Hi, I am playing in Titan Poker, and I have a question about the rakes.

      When I asked Online Support, they told me I have $0.00 in rakes and $19.20 in entrance fees for tournaments. I play only sit&go, and I figure that rakes are only collected in cash games. So my question is, do entrance fees for tournaments count as rakes, and if not, how can I cover my $100 bonus playing sit&go?

      Thanks in advance,

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    • Waiboy
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      Hi ElCreaDor

      I'm not sure what Titan Support suggested to you, but every time you play a sit and go they charge you a fee - which is counted as rake for clearing bonuses.

      So to answer your question, yes, these fees are included as part of the rake you've paid.

      However, there is a minimum fee required before you earn any points from that tournament.

      I know that you get 17 TP (Titan Points) for every $1 you pay in fees (ie if you play a $10 + $1 SnG you get 17 TP), but I don't know what the minimum fee is to earn points. Someone else will know this I'm sure.

      Good luck.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello ElCreaDor,

      As Waiboy was already kind enough to point out - tournament fees count towards clearing your bonus the same way that cashgame rake does.

      So you have nothing to worry about :)

      Best regards