• MrPavlos
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      Is it bad when multitabling to play different games?Always holdem but i mean one MTT,one cash and 2 SnG or 2 cash games and 2 SnG?
      I prefer to play that way.and although i am kinda beginner at online poker
      (6months)i find it nice and profitable
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      play whatever suits you most :) . There is nothing wrong with playing different games at the same time, I sometimes open a MTT/freeroll and a couple of cash games myself :) .
    • opal99
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      I played 5 FL SH tables during the last BOTD and made 2 stupid "iso" min-raises in tournament because I didn't notice where I am atm. Call it instinct, but expensive :P

      It doesn't work for me, but give it a try and if you find it more interesting or if it can help you somehow, then why not? ;)