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Party EzCASH V2- multi-tabling Software for Party Poker

    • WJW1965
      Joined: 09.08.2008 Posts: 24


      A lot of development has now gone into this program and it does pretty much everything you can think of on Party.

      Party EzCASH DOES NOT USE HAND HISTORIES and therefore has escaped the crashing problems that autohotkey script user's have had.

      An option has been added to buy Party EzCASH and any SpadeEye product for the combined price of $55, or you can of course purchase Party EzCASH on it's own.

      Most recent inclusions are-

      Automatic seat taking from waiting list and auto seat taking hotkeys.
      Cursor mover and highlighter which can include advance action windows- automatically navigates around the screen.
      Comprehensive table highlighter for all active tables, flash mode when urgent.
      Frame for active table when manually moving mouse.
      Play until blinds mode sits you out and back in again on all tables in one press.
      Six street bet hotkeys.
      Add extra small blinds onto your preflop raises from the blinds in limped pots.
      Tournament betting mode which alters preflop raises depending on blind size.
      Pot odds HUD that can be set to Odds or Equity.
      Auto buyin and window handling for SNG's.
      Three currency formats - $10.00 $10,00 10,00 $
      Both Party layouts.
      Auto timebank click, Beep and 'T' table display.

      Of course all of the great features from series one are still there-

      All betting.
      Adjustable buyin and rebuy, auto max buyin and tick 'auto-rebuy to max on Party table.
      Spam window closing.
      Lobby advertisment blocking for increased CPU performance.
      Hide the cashier.
      Automatic window moving for HH's, Notes, Holdem manager windows etc
      Lock the lobby maximized.
      Mouse wheel bets in small or big blinds or pot percentage- forward and reverse.
      Many fixed and percentage bet hotkeys as well as a host of keys for playing- fold etc etc.
      Keep table under mouse activated.

      There are many more features. Rather than go on and on I'll just link to some pages on the website. The price has remained the same and the program has many user's on 2+2. You can see the support thread here.

      2+2 Thread

      Feel free to post any questions or email me at

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    • WJW1965
      Joined: 09.08.2008 Posts: 24
      Thanks to the guys from here that registered. :) There is a small update to the main version and a new beta on the website.

      Many Party players complain that the Party client is always stealing focus from itself making it impossible to take notes etc and at times they get pulled away from the active table and so I've created a queue for Party EzCASH . You disable Party's queue in Preferences-multi tabling. It's suitable for stacking, cascading and tiling and you can have your first preference 'street bet' placed straight into the box and use the pot odds HUD as well - even when stacking or cascading.

      The advanced actions section of the cursor mover has been improved- you can exclude the cursor being automatically moved to advance action tables but still have them highlighted if they are the most urgent table. This gives you flexibility to take notes etc.

      There has been some improvement to coding for the multi purpose action keys as well and other various coding work.

    • WJW1965
      Joined: 09.08.2008 Posts: 24

      Party EzCASH 2-2 Beta has been released to members. It has a new table stacker with 'big hand' slots making playing a lot of tables very simple. The main 'primary' slot handles the main traffic and is used for folding for the most part. Playable hands are moved by hotkeys to slot1 2 or 3 and can be automatically moved back into the stack at the completion of the hand. You can automatically dock tables where you have joined the wait list in Slot 3, when your seat comes up that table will join the stack automatically (and you can use automatic seat take from the wait list with the stacker). Tables where you have selected to sit out at the big blind will automatically be pulled out of the main stack and sent to slot 3. Big hands are toggled from the main stack by hotkey and have a mini highlight when it's your turn - the cursor can be automatically moved to the next active table and can also be moved through the slots by hotkey. There is also a hotkey to bring the bottom table to the top of the main stack allowing you to check the action when you have no active tables. The slot positions are programmed by the user as is the table size for each slot. Bets can set preset into the bet box and the pot odds for each calling situation can be displayed onto the table.

      You can also pick up these free Party decks by Hrukva from 2+2 on the site. There is a deck for both of the Party Layouts.