The classic scenario: Aces on the Bubble = I am Bubble Boy!

    • nafar84
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      So I'm playing the Daily Double - B on Full Tilt, 154 players remaining - 153 ITM. I am in a comfortable position with 9,000 chips ranked 80th or something.

      Blinds 300/600, I get dealt pocket Aces on the big blind. UTG minraises, folded around to CO who calls, I immediately shove my Aces, UTG folds.... then CO (with 10,000 remaining chips) thinks for a whole minute before calling me with QJs.

      The board: JJ6Q4

      Result: I am bubble boy!

      What ON EARTH was CO thinking there? He was risking his ITM place with QJs??? Even if he thought I was making some legendary squeeze play on the bubble, he can still expect to be behind to any ace or king... I mean, was he expecting to see 63o or something?
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