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Started really well. Playing the same and losing tonight!! Angry!l;)

    • SuperHandz
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 37
      I've been playing double or nothing tourneys for a few days and after starting with £30 I've doubled it to £60 which is alright.
      I'm writing this frustrated because last night I was up to £79 and somehow after losing a few I'm at £60.
      I've read the article on this site which I follow and it obviously works well but I can't help thinking I ocassionally play a little too tight and don't make enough blind steals when the blinds are at say 150 300 when my stack is say1300. It's sometimes hard to gauge whenyou need to start taking risks because unlike normal tourneys the top 5 all get the same amount so hanging on was working.
      In the future I'm gonna start pushing a little more freely and being a touch more aggressive in the later stages and getting those blinds when I've got position. Of course there's exceptions like when you're on the bubble and a player is going to be eliminated on his/her next blind. Then there's probly no point right?
      After reading how doubling up isn't as important in a double or nothing tourney because your risking your chips for a smaller % of the overall money (which makes sense) I think I've maybe been a little too reluctant to just get my chips in for the last few which have got me losing my last few and making all the hard work from yesterday seem pointless.
      Lesson from this, don't be scared to gamble!! Blind stealing is an important part of the tourney in the later stages!!
      Any thoughts?
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    • curnow
      Joined: 10.10.2007 Posts: 1,039
      60 quid is something like $90 , but if its your only cash online need to think Bankroll Management

      normal sng is 50 buy-in but for Double-or-Nothing around 30bi and play two or four $3 at a time depending on the player how many they can play

      but you can grind this up playing them & just play very tight in first few levels and in latter ones try to steal pots as not needing to take to many coinflips in these and just maintaining stack

      look to spot the tighter players around you & push them and even if they call your'e at worst 65-35% , try trapping big hands like As/Ks & if you need to take flips , try to take them against players that wont take you out