• diablik7
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      Hi, I'm Kuba from Polish Poker Strategy. I'm gonna use your forum sometimes cause of its "high volume". It's kinda international forum.

      I've played poker since last summer. I play NL50. No real succeses, just few ITM in some tournaments and small regular winnings.
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    • MrMardyBum
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      <nods> Welcome Polish dude :D
    • vhallee
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      Hello diablik7 (or should I say Czesc :P ) and welcome to our forums!

      You are right, these forums are reserved to all our English-speaking PokerStrategy members so feel free to chat with the other fellow poker players :)

      If you say you play No Limit in general, I suggest you first take a look at our No Limit Strategy Forums and see which topics interest you more.

      That being said, I hope you will hang around our forums more and improve your understanding of the game with the help of the others :)

      Best regards,