Finally beating the donks...

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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Now wait, there is more :D !

      I tried to go Boku style, so I opened up 26 tables... And for the first half'n' hour, I was very nervous and it was pretty hard to think and constant click... But I play tight so I folded most hands anyways, and soon I adapted to the game speed. And the outcome after the session was 18/26 games ITM which boosts my profit from these games to 13,7$ out of 122 games, and that gives me 9,8% ROI :) . I think this is quite good for DoNs. Now I'm pretty much playing my A-game all the time and when I lose I usually get sucked out when pushing AA, KK, QQ, AK or TT. But that's just variance, can't win everything :P . Too bad I can't upload the graph atm, I'll try later on again .
    • dadude77
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      lol nice... I think good way to clear bonus's, but profit not too sure :D ..

      although maybe your new strategy will keep em coming :D ... good luck1
    • Dante63s
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      Nice going!

      I notice you had big downswings on SSS, I also have the same problem, I was going up and down like crazy, using the SHC and playing the A game. Lots of bad suckouts, then started to play Sit&Goes and everything went so much better!

      Sad that party only has $6 DoNs with $1 rake.... (they do have bigger BIs)