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Live Cardroom Review - Palomar Club, San Diego CA

    • TFMonty
      Joined: 17.04.2008 Posts: 126
      Ok I prefer playing live and am on Holiday so of course I am going tpo check out some of the local cardrooms. The fact that I purchased Poker Pro at the airport and the issue just happed to have a review of 2 cardrooms where i was going is just a bonus. Anyway I thought thats a good idea, build up a series of articles about the cardrooms we visit. So here goes.......

      Palomar Card Club, San Diego California

      Ok its a little outside the downtown area $15 in a taxi should do it as its just on the north side of Balboa Park. Apparently it is not in the nicest area, but the poker was good :P

      9 Tables - 1 Pai Gow, 1 was $3/$6 limit rest where no-limit form $2/$3 up to $5/$10. Basically 1 table of each apart from $2/$3 which had 2 tables on the go. Min buy in 10 big blinds, max 100. All games dealer dealt, and they rotated ever 30 to 45 mins (something like that). The Rake was $5 every 30 mins from the table not individually, although tipping dealers after winning big pots was common place.

      And thats about it. Drinks machine in the corner, popping out cans, and some old chinese lady who would make tea, and if ya said ya wanted pizza/or food what basically arrange for it to be delivered direct to you in your seat (tip required).

      Oh and did i not mention the 2 armed security guards? Well there was probably around $40,000 in play whilst I was there, but it may help to unerve some people.

      Ok the game. Many of the players appeared to be regulars, on first name terms with the dealers and i witnessed large ammounts of cash being bet with the slimest of hands. ok i was playing $2/$3 bought in for $100. Pots where usually hitting $25 pre-flop. This has to be one of the softest cash games i can remember, as some of the cards that people where playing with and calling with was quite astounding. For example, pre-flop raise to say $10 was not uncommon to get 4 or 5 callers, unlikey to get re-raised. Some guy tried to bluff me i had about $70 back was around $100 to $120 in the pot. I had Ks9s and the flop had come down x-6-K-K. How the betting went or the exact chips i cant remember but i bet around $30 he then re-raised to $55, if i call i got $15 or so in chips left over so I push all in, he exclaims "god damn ya made ur full house and FOLDS" $15 more. Needless to say a source of profit was discovered for the rest of the evening.

      Anyway the games are quite fast paced, and as long as you stick to your cards and play with a degree of sense then you should be able to decide how much money you can fit in your pockets.
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