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PLO200 - J875ds Turn spot

    • Lasso
      Joined: 26.06.2006 Posts: 5,630
      Omaha Pot Limit - €1/€2 - 6 players

      UTG: €212.67 (106 bb)
      MP: €464.15 (232 bb)
      CO (Hero): €278.49 (139 bb)
      BU: €184.70 (92 bb)
      SB: €1,762.66 (881 bb)
      BB: €1,218.57 (609 bb)

      Pre-Flop: (€3) Hero is CO with 5 7 8 J
      2 players fold, Hero raises to €6, BTN calls €6, SB calls €5, 1 fold

      Flop: (€20) 7 Q 8 (3 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets €9.50, BTN calls €9.50, SB folds

      Turn: (€39) 2 (2 players)
      Hero bets €24.45, BU folds

      Villain plays 22/13 with 3% 3bet. Flop is standard for me. I find the Turn interesting and what our game plan should be. First of all his flop really indicades that he has like KK or Qx most likely. Two pair is unlikely as I got blockers and fd is a little less likely too. The Turn is a great card for me actually as he should not have that many Qx hands that have a two in it. I'm not quite sure what sizing I should choose here though. Betting pot feels like I commit too much since he can actually have sets or two pairs that he slow plays of course. Half pot seemed to be to weak as he probably gets the odds to call in poisition to improve his hand.

      So do you like my sizing on the Turn and the bet in general?
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    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,819
      If flop is standard, then you might reconsider your standards. The betsizing should be bigger imo. Half a pot is fine, if the board is dry or locked. On these drawy boards you should use 66-75% sizing.

      Normally you shouldn't have much FE on the turn as the board doesn't change. Opponent has the same hand he had on the flop, and if he liked it on the flop he probably likes it on the turn. But your opponent is a tight-reg, who is most likely looking for reasons to fold. So you can give him one, with big sizing. Half a pot on the turn is a no-no!!

      You shouldn't change your sizing according to your hand strength. What would you bet there if you had a set? I would be amazed if you would bet half a pot with that. Against that opponent bet big, you can easily pot there to maximize FE and protection. As you really don't want to see the river.
    • Mascherano95
      Joined: 09.10.2010 Posts: 417
      kyyberi said the important things.

      bigger sizing ofc, low FE ott basically but vs 20/11 a bigger sizing may lead him into overfolding. sets, twopairs very unlikely (top set heavily reduced because he did not raise otf ).

      Factors I do consider when I have to chose a sizing:

      Boardtexture (bigger on dynamic boards, smaller on lockdown and static boards)
      My Range
      Villains perceived Range
      My perceived Range (but on micros I made the experience this point must be ruled out, they just have no range awareness)

      Always think about your and villains hand range before you chose the sizing of your bet.

      His range is capped bc he did not 3bet. You have more AA, KK and also more doublesuited QQRN type of hands -> range advantage.
      2tone flop oop -> playability disadvantage

      Additional toughts, but feel free to correct, not so sure if everythin holds true:

      Idk what range you are betting otf, I often dont bet this hand because I prefer to bet hands where I can triple barrel frequently, speakly more stronger hands and/or nut potential or backdoorpotential (you have the nutflushdraw, he may call a made hand+flushdraw and pay you off when the flush arrives so you kinda have implied value) or hands that are strong enough to balance my checks ott and otr.

      I dont bet full pot otf because I wanna have a higher cbettingfrequency where I can add more marginal hands aswell. With the initiative I do so and stab very often from the classical openraising spots, and when the frequency goes up, sizing should go down right. but the thing with initiative is maybe holdem-thinking.

      Ig I would not bet-checkraise a hand like mid-high flushdraw+b2pair.. Playability distribution over future streets is important, and you are dominated by his nutted flushdraws ott which are big part of his coldcalling range pre (AJThh, AK54hh, AT86hh,...) So I would bet otf bare nutflushdraws, set, 2pairs without draw, overpairs, weaker made hands with backdoorvalue like pair+ pivots or bdfd, wraps and straightdraws without flushdraw.

      When we arrive on the turn, our range should be already very strong, and villain could float bunch of crap.
      Again, we have same situation ott as otf (range advantage, playability disadvantage) with the difference board is not soo drawheavy anymore, draws are weakened, made hands are strengthened. all in all the range vs range factor is most dominant. when we polarize over muliple streets we want to have a bigger sizing AND sizings that remain the same as far as it is possible (so it is ok to bet around 60-80% because we had a much smaller sizing otf bc of the board but not 50% Id say). so we should bet big ott. I would say potsize or 80%+ is good because protection, range advantage, polarity.. and as already said against this specific opponent we also have more foldequity when we bet big.