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Heyheyhey :)

    • DecMate
      Joined: 25.01.2009 Posts: 1,422
      My names Declan, i come from england and i've been playing poker for about, a good 5months or so.
      so yeah, im a NOOB!, despite this i am really eager to learn and become one of the best simply because of my love for this game.
      I've just gained the confidence to start playing out (like at casinos/pubs) at small limits and not doing too bad, but not so good.
      I play with my friends quite a bit, and usually win.
      I don't have any impressive poker history, but hopefully will build some with the help of this site, and you guys!
      so please feel free to give me tips and advice on my game, as i will be posting some hands where i wasn't sure what was the right move.

      INFACT i'll start right now!
      i was at the pub yesterday (they do a pub league based on points) this was my first time there and after the add on i was put in a very difficult position.
      i was in the BB with 9 10offsuit and everyone limped in (there was 7 of us), so i checked.
      The flop was jack 10 9 rainbow; giving me a two pair. It was checked around to the dealer who pushed all in.
      SB folded, so it was up to me. I thought for a while, he made a big bluff before on a straight draw, so decided to call (we we're about the same stack size)
      he flipped up J 10 to give him a higher 2 pair! the turn and river bricked.
      Was this a bad play? I was close to folding but because of his history i decided to call.
      ADVICE WELCOME! thankyou :)
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    • DarioAndoni
      Joined: 17.03.2009 Posts: 6
      Hey! I can't give you so much advice 'cuz i am new on here too and kind of new at online poker too. But i'm sure the pros will make it.

      All i can give you is wish you succes, and a little of luck!

      Enjoy the game!