Need help with what to play

    • Mandibility
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      Hello. I have just received my capital.

      I wish to know what would be the best option for me where I would have the lowest variance.

      Fixed Limit Hold Em
      No Limit Hold Em
      Sit n Gos
      Multi table tournaments.

      Please give me your views before I start. Thank you
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    • Mandibility
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      And also in which of these I can earn the most easily. i.e. whichever is the easier game
    • yaxkukmian
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      Read the articles and see for yourself. It's up to you to decide. The most important thing is brm (bank roll management)!!! - stick to it and watch about your capital like you invested it, not like it's just a free money.

      I would advice you starting with no limit holdem (first read and reread the articles). SSS is very easy to understand and in my opinion very important for later development of your play.

      SNGs and MTTs are not good for rookies, so the choice is just limit or no limit :D

      good luck
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hi Mandibility,

      The first problem i can see is in you asking "which will earn me the most money".

      When you are just starting out, it should be about using proper bankroll management so that you don't go broke in the first instance and trying to learn all you can about your chosen strategy by reading and re-reading articles until you fully understand them, watching videos to improve your understanding of the game and attending coachings to improve your knowledge.

      Poker is not a get rich quick scheme. Thinking like that can result in losing your bankroll very quickly. Poker is a long term effort and constantly learning and improving your game will eventually lead you to improving your bankroll.

    • Mandibility
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      Thank you for the replies. I am going through the articles!

      And I didnt mean where I can earn the most money. I meant which is the easiest one to win at and win money.

      Thank you.
    • PidKoker
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      Originally posted by Mandibility
      And I didnt mean where I can earn the most money. I meant which is the easiest one to win at and win money.
      • The easiest strategy to start playing is NL Cash games because the Short Stack Strategy is very simple you just buy in for the lowest ammount and only play your best hands.. this works well at the micro and low limits without having to adjust too much.
      • You can also start with FL games because lots of sites have micro tables starting at 0.01/0.02 so you can learn without loosing alot.
      • Sngs also start at the $1+.10 or $1+.25 usually

      There is no Easy way to make money lol otherwise everyone would be doing it :P it depends on which you enjoy playing the most and which you will have the most focus on doing so (to get better you have to read, re-read, review your play, post hands, and most importantly play lots of hands) . I think SSS to get some more money and clear the bonus then after either move to FL, start playing NL with a full stack (aka Big Stack Strategy) or you can start SnGs.

      BUT DO NOT keep changing your mind pick one game which you enjoy;
      • NL cash games
      • FL cash games
      • Sit'n'Goes

      These 3 are the most supported by PokerStrategy so I suggest that you start your quest from here.