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    • yoshiwa
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      hi all,
      a little question :)
      after 2 weeks of playing i got my bankroll from 50 dollar to 100 . That was yesterdaymorning . After yesterdaymorning things went bad , making im now on a 77 dollar bankroll . Still i think it was just a moment of bad luck ,and not me going on tilt or making bad mistakes. Still , do you guys think this could be ,or its just me being stupid? (the drop was in a lot of plays ,take 10 hours multi-tabling on 3 tables ) .
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      It's just variance :P . 10 hours on 3 tables is what? 2k hands? Don't worry, you'll recover from it. Just keep playing your A-game, don't do stupid mistakes and make sure you study and evaluate your played hands to see if you might have any leaks :) . Setting a stop/loss will also help ;) .
    • hepcat
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      It's called variance you cant expect to always win. So if you have analyzed that you played correctly and didn't tilt thinks like that it's just normal. It often goes faster to lose than to win.

      I had a whole month that I steadily gained on my bankroll but after that I had a huge drop had to go down in limits and things like that, then i Played pretty much breakeven for two weeks and now my bankroll is increasing again.
    • Dragar
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      Its normal if your following BRM.

      But I would play less on more tables. 10 hour sessions are not healthy, no matter what people say.
    • radyan111
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      Originally posted by Dragar10 hour sessions are not healthy, no matter what people say.