50$ curse... Bankroll does not go up

    • mChavez
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      Hi everyone!
      Registered at pokerstrategy and started playing poker just under a month ago. During this month I've been playing SNG and a bit of NL. So far I've encoutered the following problems:

      -I just cannont break the 50$ barrier. My bankroll never went lower than 50$ but also never went higher than 70$. Just as soon as I reach 70$ I stop getting playable hands, and when I get one on a rare occasion, I usually loose a lot from it (with sometimes ridiculous beats like AA loosing ot 72). As soon as my BR drops to 50$, exactly the opposite happens. I just don't know what to do 0_0. Is it bad luck, or is it me playing differently after some success without noticing the change in my play?

      -Maybe it's just me being a noob, but when playing one table and trying to concentrate on opponents' play, its practically impossible to hand read, since most of low-limit players play any 2 cards and hardly ever fold! (there are exceptions fo course, by i'm talking about the average).

      -If i sometimes play a bit looser (following Sklansky's (NL holdem) or Harrington's sng preflop) at the start of an SNG and then tighten up closer to the bubble, then the number of tournaments I win increases significantly. I just stack a few weak opponents in the beginning of the tournament and then have enough chips to play tight and get into the prize places even if i'm very unlucky. I know that not following PS strategy is bad, so I only play like this on rare occasions, just out of experiment.

      -I am trying to multitable (3 so far) for turbo SNG's using PS strategy, but only manage to break even. Do the bronze strategies work for turbo's and is this multitable turbo strategy worth playing? Usually it is folding till push-or-fold stage and then playing according to the charts. I've started doing it just to practice my push-or-fold, so I'm not looking to improve the bankroll by these. Just wondering if such strategy has positive EV.

      So far the result of a month's play is just a reduction in the number of my mistakes and a much better understanding and use of odds and position concepts=) I am quite happy with the reduction in the mistakes, but I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice about my bankroll.
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    • MrMardyBum
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      Frustrating huh? Just try and remember that playing with BRM won't boost your bankroll very quickly at all. And as you are not going below the $50 just keep doing what you are doing and get the bonus. That will offer you a significant jump in your BR.

      Your problem is just downswings, when I hit mine I switch from SnG to cash games, or vise versa. That said if you clear part of your bonus on an upswing, then you could be looking at making a quick leap to the next level.

      As for using different strategies, this isn't a bad thing at all. This site is merely the fundementals and good structured play. Don't forget if everyone played poker the same then the game wouldn't be half as good as it is.
      So take the parts of each book and strategy you've read and that would really reflect the kind of plays you feel you are best suited to your game create your own overall strategy.

      After reading a book or article on here what I'll usually do is hit a couple of tables with book/article in hand and play for a few days only using this strategy and being very anal about it, I feel this offers you the chance to see all the pros and cons to each individual strategy.

      Along the way I actually keep the best parts of the strategies I find and add them to my very own strategy. Therefore, you shape yourself into the confident and winning player you wish to be.

      Also, once your bonus has been cleared or the time has passed for you to unlock more, deposit some cash to open up the deposit bonus, as this will help your profit margin greatly.

      What I tend to do is deposit the cash, but when working out your BRM don't add the deposited cash into your equations. i.e I have a BR of $300, I deposit $200, but still only use $300 as my bankroll. This does take a lot of self control and if you lack it I highly recommend against this! leave the deposited cash in your account until the bonus has cleared, then withdraw the whole lot, keeping what you deposited back in your account, then switch to a another poker room that has a deposit bonus and you should find one around that offers a bonus in your area of play. After you withdraw and haven't played for a while you'll find a lot of poker rooms will re-issue you with deposit bonuses, at which point check the validity and play the site you are on but when you clear your current bonus return to said poker room. This way you also get to use an awful lot of poker software, and determine once you are playing high stakes and getting high rakeback deals where you feel you will be more comfortable.

      If your BR is less than $100 when you deposit in a new poker room, then look for a deposit bonus that offers a max $100, as there is no point joining one that offers a max $500 deposit bonus when you could save that for when your bankroll is $400 +.

      As for your sit and goes, I generally find turbos to be short and very annoying with major variance. I never play them, so I'm afraid I can't offer advice here. I like the double stack tables myself, maybe a longer game, but allows me to really play the hands I want to without the blinds forcing me into push or fold. And once you have 4 tables going it's still the same rate of play just slower to finish. I guess I just feel more comfortable.

      Hope that some of this helps,

      D :)
    • mChavez
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      Thanks for the bonus advice! I'll try later =) )

      I'm now afraid that I will tilt when I see 70$ again =) )))))