Up an Down , Up an down!!!

    • Ashfield84
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      hey people i checked my party poker account today an have recieved my capital . im new to the party poker site , iv played on stars a few times. so its taken me time to feel comfy at the table. but 2day didnt start to well.. i started playing sit n go's for $1 buy-in. i lost a few an went down to about $40..an i felt bad cuz of the bad beats an stupid calls. but thankfully im back up to just over $47.so i feel i bit better.
      do any of you use sharkscope?? if so can u help me.
      i can check everybody on the tables im playing , but when i search for myself it carnt find me, why is that??
      also , i like to hear how other pokerstrategy users started off . surely no one gets to a flying start on there 1st day..do they???

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    • radyan111
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      Hi Carl! Nice to see you started a blog on the very beginning of your pokerstrategy.com poker career. It really does help to keep everything organized and under control.

      One of the first and most important things to learn is to accept variance - if you play right you shouldn't be worried that you sometimes lose money, such swings are a part of poker and nothing can't be done about that. Be careful though - many players like to blame variance if they are not doing very well in the beginning, but this can be also caused by many leaks we all have especially when we start to play a little more seriously. So never stop to learn.

      As for the sharkscope - I'm using only the free version with 5 searches per day. Dunno why it doesn't show you your own stats, maybe you enter wrong site or a spelling error? Weird thing.

      I'm playing mainly cash games, but also started to play some 1$ sng's on Pokerstars recently. If you want to check my graph you can search sharkscope for vertic4l on stars or check out my blog ;) . You'll see I finally made some profit after more than 120 games - for that time I was a losing or break-even player. Even now I think it's just an upswing. On the first day I won some money however and got excited for a while - then the brutal reality came in :) .

      Good luck on the tables man and keep this blog going.