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ICM Trainer Light

    • wolfpackmars2
      Joined: 21.03.2009 Posts: 2
      Hi all... I was playing with ICM trainer light and came across a situation which I don't understand, no matter which way I try to fold it in my mind. I like to believe it may be a bug... or hopefully someone can explain to me the logic behind this:

      The situation is this:

      4 players remaining
      Hero is chip leader with ~11 BB
      Hero cards are Ad2h (A2o)
      CO and BU fold
      Choices are all in or fold, I chose fold

      It wasn't an easy choice... this is the 4th lesson and the decisions are supposed to be difficult. I don't have a problem if it told me the decision was wrong... my problem is that the suggested hands to go all in are "Any two".

      Am I understanding this right? The program is telling me that, as the chip leader in a 4 player game in the late phase, if the two players ahead of me fold, I should push all in with any two cards (including 23o) when the BB could call behind me?
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    • midgetjay
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 241
      Well, one of three things could happen:

      1. BB folds. (he should be calling pretty tight here)
      2. BB calls and you knock him out. (itm with substantial chiplead)
      3. BB calls and you lose. (you'll be setting yourself up to shove next hand)

      Under normal circumstances, yes, you can push with ATC (any two cards). However, if the BB is calling you wide, say over 20%, (which he shouldn't be) then ATC no longer applies.
    • SoyCD
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 6,356
      Hello wolfpackmars2,

      midgetjay has already covered most of it but I'll try to explain it a bit more so that you can better follow the logic behind it.

      You are chipleader of the SNG and have 1,5k more chips than anyone else. Since you are on the bubble whoever busts next does not receive ANY money. That means players will try to avoid calling loosely - especially against players who have them covered.

      In this specific situation you push and will win 600 chips if your opponent folds. Depending on how tight he is he will not be calling you with more than 10% of his best hands (He might even call you with only 5-7%). As such he folds around 90% of the time. That means you will win 600 chips in about 90% of the cases. In 10% of the cases you get called - you are up against his top 10% range of hands. 2 random cards have around 32% equity against this range. That means even with your any two you win 32% of the times - making you dominating chip leader with 3 people left. The other 67% of the time you lose but are still not eliminated - and have nearly 4 BB left for pushing.

      You will see if you calculate it out that the push with any two cards is highly profitable here :)

      Best regards
    • wolfpackmars2
      Joined: 21.03.2009 Posts: 2
      Thanks for the replies.

      I mostly think the Push-or-fold strategy will take some getting used to for me.