Counting the number of large stacks?

    • Smileyphil
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      Does anyone know if there is a program that can survey the tables of a poker room (ideally full tilt for me) and display the number of large stacks sitting at the table?

      Obviously for any SSS or BSS player a better table has more large stacks and searching through each one counting can be a bit of a chore.

      If not is there a way to make something like this? I think it would be a very useful tool in table selection.

      Perhaps it could have some feature that alerts you when a table you are sitting at falls below a required number of large stacks also?
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    • dadude77
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      Might be possible in some kind of table selection tool. Maybe search google for those? Never used one so not sure which criteria you can use to search. Sorry!
    • Werdna
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      I've thought the same a few times...

      I play SSS and at times it seems most of my concentration is used to periodically check my tables to see what the small stack:big stack ratio is and constantly searching for new tables. This can be quite a drag because it means less concentration on the good tables.

      If anyone knows of any tool etc that would be great!