A couple of basic SSS questions

    • Andymc
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      Situations are taken from 5c/10c NL tables.

      1. Hero is CO, dealt AQ. 2 callers, Hero raises to 60c, BB calls, all others fold. Flop comes down rubbish, say T 7 3. Pot is $1.30 - $1.40. Before you can make a continuation bet, BB bets 10c (i.e. completely out of proportion to the pot). Should you ignore this and make a standard continuation bet (which would be going all-in, since 2/3 pot = 90c > half of remaining stack), fold since you've technically missed the flop, or call?

      If you call, the turn comes down more rubbish, say a 5, and BB bets 10c again, now what? What if the turn comes down K and BB bets 10c? What about river?

      (I've seen people min-bet at each round with complete rubbish, trying to get opponents to fold, and after flopping the nut flush, so...)

      2. You are late/blinds, with a hand to raise with, say AJ/AQ. Couple of callers, then someone min-raises from a middle position. Should you treat this as a raise, and fold, or as 2 callers, and adjust your raise accordingly?

      If you have a hand like QQ or AK, again in late/blinds, couple of folds, a min-raise, everyone folds up to you, should you bet (4+2)BB? 3-bet? Pushing all-in from 2BB to 20BB seems a bit extreme, and will probably scare an Ax/KT/QJ out.
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    • kukkiwonBG
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      1. Villain dependent. On average shove. On NL10 all day long.

      2. As 2 callers...

      3. if you are going to raise don't do the sizing from you hand strength.
      If you are 3beting 4+2BB normally to a open minraiser, so do it with any raising hand.

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