Beginner Stats.

    • Smileyphil
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      I have just started using stats and am making my own HUD using Elephant (I find having loads of numbers pretty confusing so am just using a simple version)

      So far the stats I have are Vpip, Raise Average (for preflop play), AF and Fold to cbet (for postflop play) and of course the number of recorded hands.

      I have two questions:
      1) Which other simple stats might you recommend?

      2) Which stat gives a better idea of the general skill of a player? Won $ at showdown or Won $ after seeing flop? I want it to be a rough idea of the 'fishiness' of a player.

      Thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer. (Feel free to contribute even if it doesn't directly link to my questions - anything about stats would help)
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