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Challenge.. I play poker 2 "different" ways.. maybe this is more common than not?

    • meeppl
      Joined: 26.06.2014 Posts: 3
      In a nut shell.

      So when I'm a bit tired.. bored or playing on my phone I play really well. When I sit down to focus on a game and spend more time calculating odds or looking more in to how I'm playing each hand I lose a lot more.

      I know it's easy to say.. you were relaxed or didn't over think things. I can understand that, but realistically how do I start to condition myself to play more consistently? I tried playing low/micro games and tournaments trying to figure it out but I can't.

      Is this common?
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 12,454
      You may be observing an aspect of risk/reward balance.
      There is a point at which a player doesn't really care about losing, and therefore is able to take the risk necessary to gain the reward.

      I have a book by Doyle Brunson -- just a bunch of anecdotes from "the good ol' days", not a true poker book.
      In it he says (this is a paraphrase, not a direct quote) -- "To succeed, you must want to win, but not care if you lose".

      If you are risk-averse, you avoid spots where the reward is great because the risk is great.

      You hold KQo on the button.
      Both you and the Big Blind have 200 BB stacks in a cash game.
      You raise, BB 3-Bets
      KQo is in your 4-Bet range 100 BB deep -- do you still 4Bet at 200 BB?

      I think I wandered off topic and fell in the ditch.

      I'll think about this some more...
    • Mozzek
      Joined: 16.07.2016 Posts: 1,258
      And what sample of hands are we talking about here? :)