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      alrite poker friends!!! iv been playing for PS now for 2days , an today i have started the SSS on NL10 games , an i must say , im going to be playing these from now on. i normally play sit n go's..but i wanted a bit more action!! i know it sounds bizarre but iv never been keen with cash games for the simple reason of losing all your ££ on a hand.. the sit'n'go format id play because of a small buy-in an a bigger jackpot. but i started reading the articles on NL cash games lastnite..an iv stuck to the chart. and its working for me just nicely..its a very good strategy i must say..im kinda like a preditor waitin for the weak pray..lol yum yum..oh an is there anything like sharkscope for cash games..so i can see graphs of my progress?? thanks carl
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