.Just a quick update on the latest ongoings in Natural8.

金龙, or Golden Dragon, is an iconic symbol in Chinese culture representing good fortune, strength, and wisdom, certainly requisite traits for any MTT player hoping to make it big.

Channel your inner Golden Dragon and be a part of China's most popular Tournament Series!
  • ¥8,888,888 guaranteed monthly
  • Guarantees for individual tournaments range up to ¥248,000
  • Buy-in and Payouts are denominated in ¥ (CNY)
  • Satellites run 90 minutes and 30 minutes before events

Natural8 is calling all brave souls to ride with us on this adventure, win any 金龙 Golden Dragon tournaments and you will be rewarded with a ¥1100 ticket to the Saturday 金龙 Golden Dragon ¥1100 event!

One of our primary focuses here at Natural8 is to ensure that players are enjoying themselves by focusing on the Poker, and also that players are on an even playing field. We would like to announce the advent of our Smart HUD, an innovative take on Heads-up Displays. The emphasis here is not on filling the screen with so many numbers you'll go cross-eyed, nor is it on subjective labeling of players. Smart HUD is equal parts simple, intuitive, informative and compelling.