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[NL5] being bluffed out of the hand or vs sets/straight?

    • MrNiceGuy313
      Joined: 26.10.2015 Posts: 29

      player stats:

      His river aggresion is very high, but it is not a very large sample af course.

      Here he slowplayed a set and also bets very large on the river:

      damn, I would've loved to bluffcatch him, but it was just too expensive.
      QK, JJ, TT are all in his range.
      I also don't know if I played the hand correctly, maybe I shoud've bet the river also, what ya think?

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    • MyFloXyBabY
      Joined: 15.02.2010 Posts: 4,319
      I'm not used to hand2note stats so it's possible I miss something about villain's profile (but the sample isn't that big anyway) but I'd say you can't fold trips second kicker with a blocker to the straight versus an aggressive player.
      Also the second barrel wasn't mandatory.
    • zetozinho
      Joined: 18.06.2017 Posts: 913
      I think KQ in this spot in unlikely because he just calls you OTT with a flushdraw available. He may call your cbet OTF, but OTT he's definitely raising you, for value and protection. Besides, you block this hand with your queen.
      AT and AJ are consistent and you lose.
      Agree with floxy. You cold take it slow OTT, but the barrel is fine as well. It's a mixed strategy spot there imo.
      I think 3 barrels is fine as well. If he raises you OTR after you 3bet PF and triple barrel OOP you can fold.
      But with the check, you might induce a bluff, so I'm calling this.
    • MrNiceGuy313
      Joined: 26.10.2015 Posts: 29
      wauw those are smart insights guys! thank you very much for it.
      I also thought I might induced a bluff, but it was more than a buy-in bet he made. Anyone of you ever made those kind of bluffs?
    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,287
      folding is fine with your read. however, this probably goes into my flop checking range