Greatest Comeback Ever????

    • jakedamansnake
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      Was playing a 10$ 9 person SnG on Fulltilt, got down to the bubble and was sucked out on and thus reduced to 40 chips....
      several double ups and suckouts later i found myself back into the game, and soon later won to take home 45$

      As amazed and excited as i am for this win im curious to see if anyone else has had such a comeback before?
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    • MrPavlos
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      Well once in a MTT i was left with 90 chips(3BBs),right after the losing hand i get AA and ofc go all in :D well what happened was that the hole table called my raise,ofc they would and the flop came A,9,A.I felt really stupid to go all in previous hand.So i got to 810 that hand,some hands after got kk and qq twice which brought me back in the tourney with almost 4500 chips in bout 5 mins.Finished the MTT 7th and won bout 100$,dont remember exactly how much.This happened like 3months ago or something but i ll never forget that tourney.
    • midgetjay
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      Originally posted by jakedamansnake
      thus reduced to 40 chips....
      What were the blinds btw?

      I once had roughly 50 chips (blinds: 100/200) on the bubble of a super turbo and came back to win it! I remember the runner-up asked me if I had some kind of special ties with Full Tilt or something, and he was so serious. I just lol'ed