Poker tracker 3 problem

    • Lunitis
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      Hi all. I have a strange problem with my pokertracker. I dont know why but the HUD of the players (in full tilt) shows in the wrong place...i mean stats of player A near player C, stats osf player B near playr D...and so on! ?( . Thats really odd! Do someone knows what is the problem or how to solv it...?
      Other thing...anyone use Poker tracker in Full tilt Matrix tournaments...because the program cant mesure all the somatory of money wins in one tournament.
      Sorre my portuguese.
      Thanks by any help ;)
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    • veriz
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      You can move the stats with mouse2.
    • LuborC
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      You should be able to solve the first problem by setting you preffered seat in PT. I don't remember that exactly anymore but somewhere you can set this. The forums on are really great so if you can't find it or it doeasn't work try your luck there..
      I'm sorry but I don't really understand what the second problem is.
    • Lunitis
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      Thanks i solv the problem ;) .
      Matrix is a kind of tournament that exists only on Fill Tilt...i saw the answer in poker tracker forum...i need to put the results manualy!