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Spin n Gos or cash? Help

    • Tinsley15
      Joined: 18.07.2013 Posts: 235
      Hey, guys i have a question. In terms of hours put in grinding what is the more profitable form od poker atm 6max or spins? Lets say if you put same amount of hours in lets say nl2 zoom or 1$ spins if we exclude variance???..
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    • CptJokerFish
      Joined: 06.06.2017 Posts: 1,727
      Depends on your win-rate.
    • OldSchoolPapa
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 917
      First no matter the game you cannot exclude variance since it's a part of the game and matters in your BRM. Secondly it's gonna depend on your skills and obviously your winrate on those two variants and the last point is also how many tables you can play in those variants. Can you play the same amount of tables or do you have to reduce it. depending of your winrate , the number of tables you can play profitably you can evaluate properly wich variant is gonna be the most profitable to you.

      Best of Skills & Luck @ Tables,
    • Rhodriguez
      Joined: 01.10.2006 Posts: 708

      And that despite the fact, that you can start to play nl2 zoom with a lower bankroll than 1$spins. With a roll for 1$ spins you could already think about taking shots at nl5z.

      Good luck!
    • DSharkP
      Joined: 16.09.2012 Posts: 359
      Depends on where you are good at... I mean , If you crush Spins / or ir u are a winner at the Spins why on hell would you play NL2?

      and Vice Versa
    • MLima1984
      Joined: 19.05.2015 Posts: 264
      everyone as said it. Chose what you enjoy the most or get better results.
    • Rhodriguez
      Joined: 01.10.2006 Posts: 708
      At least for the spins we do now know that pokerstartegy projects $0.70 per hour for the 1$...

      So you would have to earn 35bb/hrs ~ 3.5bb/100 on NL2.