BBS start

    • Mehjia
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      The rules of bankroll management when following the BBS:

      Always buy in with a full stack (100 Big Blinds). 100 BBs are therefore one buy-in.

      * You can move up a limit when you have at least 25 buy-ins at that limit in your bankroll.
      * You must move down a limit when you have 25 buy-ins or less at that limit in your bankroll.

      I just want to be sure that i understand , so if i start the BBS with a bankroll of 60$ , i should start with 0.01/0.02 blinds , and move to 0.02/0.04 when i will have 100$ ?
      If yes what is beste for me to do ? stay and play with this low blinds or play with 0.05/0.10 with SSS at least till i will hit 100$ and then try the BBS with 0.02/0.04 ?
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hey Mehjia,

      My suggestion would be to grind out NL10 using the SSS until you get your bankroll to $100+ and then start playing and learning about the BSS on NL5 as recommended by the strat guides.