Dunno if this is the right section, but..

Well 32 days ago i started to play on .5/1 limits without proper bankroll tho, but with my new aproach to poker i was pretty confident in my succes.

So as u can see from the graph i went up, with some beats but mainly up. At around the 10th August i started reading Small stakes holdem from Ed miller, well im still reading it or better to say rereading it, ive put some new concepts in my game and they worked well.

So 11th August came and its time to reveiw my stats, well i didnt know any other way to find my leaks back then. Well my general stats were in perfect range (vp$ip at 17%, PFR at 8%, AF 2.8 etc..) i was up for around 320bb, and had 2,4bb/100 winning ratio. My ATo, KTo and QJo were losers and i wasnt really happy with my AKs net amount but overall my stats were good and sample size is "very" small so... i was already dreaming about next limit (1/2$) at the end of the month :O

..... and then boom, bad beat, in less then two days -120bb, well shit happens i wasnt effected emotionaly or psychologicaly, its part of the game so i continued to play my normal game (whatever this is hehe). On next day or on next 2 days, upswing happens (hell yeah :P ), so im almost back to my previus BR level and still with hope for next limit or close to it at the end of the month :D .

Then again ... 1 step forward ... 2 steps backward ... in 2 days i didnt moved for an inch (well basicly i went backwards abit :P ). 3rd day we are going down, so ... "OK" ... 4th day down again and i started to doubt in myself, but no biggie tho, i didnt change my play much i checked/call some rivers i would usually bet and thats all i think.
5th day, biggest downswing so far (in those 5 days), 5 days i quite long time period for me (i know some veterans will lought at this) and i really start to doubt my self, i checked some of my big losing hands at the and of the session and i lost my streight to a river flush, set to a bigger turn or river set so nothing obvious.

So i took 1 day of to rethink abit (actualy i was getting drunk but lets not go in the details :tongue: ). Next day i was reborn like phoenix from the ashes and i went up and up till yesterday, where i droped for around 110bb in 650 hands, but who cares i now know it will end sooner or later.
After session i reviewed abot half of my hands, ofc i could lose a couple of bucks less but it was mainly in situations i was wa/wb (way ahead or way behind) so i could win a couple of bucks more in same situation next time :P .

So what i wanted to say is dont get scared (scared is not the right word tho) by downswings, review your lossing sessions with poker tracker or poker hand reveiwer, post hands on forum (i should do this more :tongue: ) and try to get rid of question, "am i bad or is this downswing" asap,
its no good.

P.S.: sry for spelling, my english and stuff.