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    • slikec
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      Sure it is. Every time you show your cards you tell players that actually observe other players sth. so dont show them when is not necessary.
    • darkonebg
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      yes, it is.
      When you choose to automuck your hands,you dont show them if you are the last one to fold or if in showdown somebody who had shown them before you has a better hand.
      It is a rule though, that a player might ask the dealer to expose the mucked cards at showdown ( note the difference beetween "mucked" and "folded").Online, you go to the hand history for that( tracking programs do it automatically).
    • straddler71
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      Sometimes I show when its an absolute monster such as quads or straight flush. But don't show your cards, make your opponent pay to see your cards.

      However if you lose at showdown and have auto muck clicked your opponent can still see your cards if they are using any kind of poker tracking software.