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    • bluepianist
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      Are the strategy articles for FL for full ring or 6max games? Or can I play either with them profitably? I'm told the play is faster and more profitable in 6max, so I thought I'd give it a go, but I'm not at the stage where I'm confident about manually loosening my range if it becomes necessary.
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    • opal99
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      Hi bluepianist;

      you're right, there're both FR and SH articles available, but you should start with fullring in the beginning. Shorthanded is faster and more aggressive (= maybe more profitable if you're good), but there's stronger variance.

      I'd advise you to start on 0.1/0.2 FR, move up to 0.25/0.5 and then switch to shorthanded.

      Don't forget you have to have bigger bankroll for shorthanded games ;)

      :spade: Good luck at the tables :spade: