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      My own poker blog

      I’ve seen others do it, so why not me, it will not all be directly about poker, because I might just want to say some stuff along the way.

      Let's start at the beginning, I was born back in… nay, my poker relevant beginning. I Started playing a little at 14, but didn’t really understand the concept of wager and which hands that were better than the other, but I learned along the way, for around 8 years, just playing for kicks. Then some school mates and I played 10dollar tournaments at each other’s. It went pretty well, so I thought; let’s put $50 into a Full Tilt account. That’s gone now; then I came to PokerStrategy January last year, got $50 at titan, and threw it away. Went abroad for half year, visited a casino, won $20 at the roulette, but didn’t really feel like risking my money, so that was it. Then I went and found me a new bankroll of $50 at Absolute Poker, busted out, got a new one at Ultimate Bet, turned it into $175, half because I referred a freind.

      Ultimate bet, was where I really took a hold of myself and used the SSS, had my old paper copy of the SHC and when to go all in facing a reraise. Unfortunately Ultimate Bet changed software and all tables to deep stack, I don’t mind the deep stack, but at the same time the buy in minimum went from 10BB to 40BB, were SSS isn’t a good choice, so I went a bit back and forth between 40BB buy in and 100BB buy in, but I did not read up on any BSS so just kept to the SSS but less aggressive on the flop, very few cbets.

      Then my money was released, so I changed to PokerStars with a bonus through PokerStrategy, it went a bit up and down on nl10 and a few DON SNG’s a little over my bankroll at $5. Did only deposit $50 of my winnings from Ultimate Bet at the beginning, because that was the bonus requirement, but when it got down to around $20 I deposited the rest. Then I realized that there was the 25bash promo going on, so finished the bonus as fast as possible, so I could redeposit the money and get a 25% bonus. Finishing the bonus, I was told that I couldn’t get the bonus, if I made a redraw. I noticed that I had made the second deposit after the start of the 25bash, so support was kind enough too grand me the bonus anyway. The fast finish of the bonus however cost me just about the same as the bonus amount, so finishing it quickly didn’t help much.

      I downloaded the Elephant, so I could follow my progress, still I had a long way to getting the license, but the fact that it runs after end of trial period is great. My nl10 game didn’t really give me many winnings, and I hesitated a bit changing to nl25, even though my bankroll management tells me that $150 is the time to do it. Mostly because I reckoned that multi tabling means tighter bankroll management. But when I did, it went quiet well, I would dare to say, as you can see in the first graph, it’s all the games I have recorded at PokerStars, the first shallow bit of 900 hands is nl10, and the rest is nl25.

      PokerStars graph 16-02 to 12-03-2009

      There is 5120 hands with 13.46BB/100, if I only look at nl25, (which I prefer, the win rate looks better:D ) 4277 hands with 16.61BB/100. I am clearly over EV, but I don’t know if the Elephant shows that. (?) The duration of this is around one month.

      Then I had finished my bonus at PokerStars, so my friend advised me to take the Party Poker bonus, which isn’t the best one, but with 5000 hands/month, I shouldn’t waste the good ones. But somehow it seems like I do get 100% rake back because of the million dollar hand promo, where I so far in 5 hands have won $20. With my bankroll at the time of 355.7, it didn’t start out to well at Party Poker, so I do not believe the statement made by players as they say that Party Poker is the easiest poker site to win at.

      Party Poker graph of 17 to 24-03-2009

      In the graph you can see, my “down swing” began at 2400 hands, where I decided to try out nl50, it didn’t go so well. Went back to nl25, and at around 4400 hands, my friend came and review my loosing hands. What he had to say was, why do you bet that, why call that why do you even consider playing that hand? You may never do those things. Take away all the stealing, all the pot odds, all the turn play, and all those other fancy articles you have been reading, go back to basics and get it right. And I did. Before he came, my VP$IP was 13.1 and therefore my “win” rate was -6.5BB/100 the first 4 days, the last three days I had a VP$IP of 8.7 and win rate of 2.5BB/100, the stats are respectively over 4385 and 4277 hands.

      The loss might seem pretty curvier for a bankroll of 350, but because of the bonus and the value of my points, I’m only down $10. Which is probably why I’ve been told that to play without a bonus is a waste of time, I’m sure glad I have one. Why did I lose so fast beside my stats? Well, the big winnings at PokerStars made me somewhat over confident, so I tilted and I was already tilting at PokerStars, I was just lucky at the same time.

      Well now to something not very poker relevant, my equipment, I’m playing all my games on a 6 years on 15” laptop. It’s okay though, I like using the mouse pad, but lately I find myself playing 9-15 tables, and the pad is just not that efficient. I try to keep it around 9 tables, that’s an amount that I’m fairly comfortable with. So I got myself a mouse, not the best optical mouse, not ergonomically at all, but it looks cool :D and it does work on some surfaces, so what more can one ask for... Pictures, here they are.

      I was planning to put some goals down here, but I have got the Elephant license now, and when two days of not playing at PokerStars update, I have gold status. Those would have been my goals, and I’m not going to sit Platinum status as a goal, because I’m not going to keep up the pace of the last week. But I will put the Party Poker bonus on the list. And having made a $50 deposit of my own money at some time, I will also redraw $100 of my poker bankroll, just to be able to say, I have not spend my own money, but won money on poker.

      * No more tilt
      * Getting my entire Party Poker bonus. (Completed 1/10)
      * Redraw $100 when reaching $1000.
      * Moving up to nl50

      I probably told too many irrelevant or uninteresting things along the way. But it’s my blog and so fare I like it. I will not be posting every session, but every time I think I have something interesting to tell or remember. Like what my overall Party Poker adventure brings or how last month went.

      At the moment I’m playing 3-4 hours a day in 2-3 sessions, with 9 tables at once, but the number of tables goes up and down as you know, but it is mostly between 6 and 12. Feel free to write to me, and I will answer when I notice it.
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      I thought I might do a month update, now that I’m done playing for Marts.
      I like graphs, so here is how the month went, but most of it is already in my last message.

      Separate posts makes like these is a good way to keep up with when what happened, so now I will make some goals for April

      * 20,000 raked hands in 20 days.
      * Platinum Status

      As you probably know, Party has made a Gladiator promo, taking down $200 in this requires 20.000 raked hands in 20 days, playing at nl25 as I am that is. And that will give me 3000 SP if I succeed, tested yesterday if it seemed reasonable, and I think it did. With little over 2k hands a day, and getting my bonus while working on another promo, the rake back goes very high, with the million dollar hand promo it was 94.28 rake and 30 from the promo and around 67 for the bonus, and the points can by me $10, making the rake back ~ 107/95*100 = 112%, how do they make money? I’m not complaining. Can it be that the rake presented in the Elephant is incorrect?