TableNinja Settings

    • LemOn36
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      This is a thread to show your Ninja settings.

      Space= Check/Fold
      1/2/3/4 33%/50%/80%/100% Potsize bet.

      4/5 side buttons on mouse = Next/previous table

      Scroll wheel adjusting of betsize On, Table hotkeys active after manual selection.

      I got it set for 4BB+XBB and just adjust manually if I want to alter it.

      My standard bet is set to 70%/66%/50% and I adjust with the wheel.

      Auto sit and buy-in for 100bb ON of course.

      CAPS on at all times, when I type notes I have to hold shift to have them small and the hotkeyed letters active.

      I play 4 tables NL10 with the occasional 20 table grind NL5 ;o
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    • viewer88
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      #BB = 3 + 1 limper (preflop)
      % pot default on flop: 80
      turn: 75
      river: 60

      All in (hotkey): -
      grab hand (hotkey): ²

      don't use any other hotkey's, only the other "standard" options that make multitabling a lot easier. I do notice that the tournament lobby get's opened every time I register for an sng, even though I disabled it on pokerstars AND on tableninja.
    • LuborC
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      Opening the tourney lobby every time you do anything might be easily the most annoying feature at Pokerstars. If anybody knows how to make it stop I would very much appreciate the info.

      I just started using tableninja a few days ago. I only use 3+1BB/limper, 66% on the flop and F1 for allin.