FR playing offsuit connectors, 1gappers, suited 1gappers and 2 gappers

    • PidKoker
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      Just wanted some info on how much we should be playing these... I usually will raise these up from Late Position and fold them to a reraise and only play them after the flop if I have OESD, Flush draw, 2pair or better. In multiway pots how often will someone else have a higher flush draw.. hasnt happend to me yet though.

      If someone OR from Early Pos. can I really call with implied odds or will I just never flop.. with suited connectors it seems okay but with the offsuit hands I dont do this much ... now if there is a Raise and a Call now with which hands do I have implied to call with.. I would do it with Suited Connectors/1gappers and offsuit connectors.

      Some more detail about these hands and situations when they are profitable to play would be of great help :P
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    • ViZon
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      imo that kind of cards are only good if they are high, so you also have a chance on top pair.
    • toedder
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      Well, you need good implied odds to play those hands for anything except a steal in LP. So, someone OR from EP is good, but for me that is usually not sufficient. I want to have at least one caller before me. The more players in the pot, the better. So if someone limps, limp behind and try to encourage a multiway pot. If someone opens, and another one calls, call behind and try to encourage multiway action, too. Always look to your left first, though. If there is a habitual limp-punisher or squeezer to your left, maybe you should just muck and not get in trouble. And of course, the degree of suitedness and connectedness also plays a role. So I am more likely to play 78s then 86s or 87o.

      If it's just you and the EP opener and no callers (and you cannot count on multiple people calling behind) - implied odds often are not there to play those hands. You can still call there sometimes, but you have to plan on stealing from him postflop enough to make up for it, i.e. raise his cbets on bad boards (esp if he cbets too often), float him (if he doesn't fire turn w/o a hand), etc.

      And to ViZon: Big suited connectors/1gappers like QTs are another beast, and you have to be super careful, because your top pair possibilities tend to create RIO situations more often than not. I would almost never play 23, but often play 67s f.e.. I'm not going for top pair with this hand. I try to flop 2 pair, trips, or a straight draw, maybe a flush draw, or hopefully a combo draw ;)

      So, before you decide wether to play such a speculative hand, try to estimate your

      a) implied odds vs. villain's range and tendencies
      b) fold equity vs. villain's range and tendencies vs. different boards

      And if you think that either is sufficient, play it. Better yet, when on some boards you'll have good fold equity and on other boards you'll have good implied odds.

      And always embrace multiway action.