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Lost sense about money

    • Mudrinjo
      Joined: 23.10.2008 Posts: 162
      In poker it has two sides:

      You play more freely (you are not pressured of value of money, you can play relaxed) - good

      I losteed discipline, or motivation a little bit in my bankroll managment.
      I have 300 $ and started to play a little bit to loose tournaments an SNG for 26$.

      it started with fihishing in top 3 (24 buy ina) 3 times in week so my bankroll pumped up to 2000$ (i cash out 1500 - to buy new computer). Im played sattelites to enter those tournaments

      from there I started to play little to "relaxed" with not 100% focus.
      Like Im becoming gambler not pokerplayer. I need bigger (read more expensive) challenge.

      How to return my motivation in tournaments with 10 dollars buy in and first prize of 300- 400 dollars.

      Question is littlebit stupid but I know that there is people that had or have this problem.

      BTW I dropped to 100 dollars and putted in another 200. So im at 300.
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    • hunt32
      Joined: 29.02.2008 Posts: 216
      I have thousands of dollars in my bankroll (not trying to brag) and have no problem playing 1$ SNG's with 100% focus (trying to learn SNG play). Your motivation should not be monetary based, try focusing on your game, thats way more important. If you don't find SNG challenging anymore try cashgames.
      I guess thats all I can say, try sorting it all out in your head, make sure improving your game is on the top of the priority list.
    • Anssi
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 2,173
      I kinda have the same problem, I should learn FL but my ego doesn't let me play at smallest stakes-tables. Maybe I should withdraw most of my roll out and invest it in shares etc, then I wouln't be able to make deposits, so I'd have to grind all the way from 0,01/0,02.
    • PidKoker
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 416
      Try to create some sort of challenge and make a blog about it or something like that so you have set goals that you are to reach.
    • Yoghi
      Joined: 10.09.2007 Posts: 14,387
      I lost my sense of money in the real world a bit, which is quite annoying sometimes.
    • ovechkin91
      Joined: 09.06.2008 Posts: 201
      i have a similar problem