How do you know if it's variance, or if you suck? :)

    • Dyden
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      Started playing on Partypoker a couple of weeks ago, after playing on Titan for a couple of months.
      At Titan I was doing ok, making money. At Party, same limit, I'm a little bit under breakeven after 4.5k hands.

      How do I know if it's variance, or if I just plain suck? How do I find the leak?

      Thanks for reading,

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    • opal99
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      Hi Dyden;

      I have no idea what you play, but: 4500 hands is NO SAMPLESIZE at all, so don't worry. If you were doing OK for couple of months on Titan, you'll do better on Party for sure :)

      There's one easy accessible leak finder which is called Sample Hands Forum. Go there, post some hands and you'll get the feedback you're looking for.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • straddler71
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      Hey dyden.

      Opal is right, 4500 hands is not big enough sample size. I've played on titan in the past and am still on partypoker. I've found the ipoker sites to be quite fishy. Everyone says that party is fishy as well but I don't find it that way. Seems to me theres a bunch of grinders on there who know what there doing. I'd go back to titan and play the fishier games.

      Best regards,