Question bout Multitable

    • MrPavlos
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      I play NL5 SH BSS with a BR of 40$,i think the br is enough but i am used to play on 4 tables(it keeps me concantrated)but doing that i will be having 1/2-1/4 of my BR on stake.I aint got a problem actually cause i ussually played NL10 or NL25 so i think but i can beat this level but what do i do IF i hit a downswing?
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    • kukkiwonBG
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      8 Buy-ins is not enough for sure X(
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello MrPavlos,

      TBH i wouldn't recommend playing NL5 SH with just an 8 BI bankroll as you usually need around 20 - 25 BIs as a rough rule in order to play safely with proper bankroll management.

      Have you tried playing NL10 SSS with your $40 and building it up to around $100 which i think is a safer method.

      If you do hit a bad downswing then you could end up being busto with such small bankroll management.

    • xponentx
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      That is nowhere near enough. You should have at least 30 buyins ($150), but SH swings more than FR, so i'd play it safe with 50 BI.