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[NL2-NL10] Nl100 77

    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00 BB (8 handed) - Hold'em Manager Converter Tool from

      saw flop

      Button ($29.75)
      Hero (SB) ($19)
      BB ($91.50)

      UTG ($121.70)

      UTG+1 ($114.20)
      MP1 ($10.95)
      MP2 ($66.15)
      CO ($75.75)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with 7, 7
      UTG calls $1, 4 folds, Button calls $1, Hero calls $0.50, BB checks

      Flop: ($4) 8, 6, 9 (4 players)
      Hero bets $3, 1 fold, UTG raises $13

      1) I wasnt happy with 2 Fish limping and me on the SB so I completed since the limp/call % of both limpers were >50% over >1k hands

      2) I decided to lead the flop with OESD keeping in mind that there is tendency overcards will call and an overcard will come most of the times but 2nd barrel is mandatory here - Leading here is not the optimal move so I like to know from you what you would do

      3) Didnt expected a raise from UTG so can I expect him to make moves with Ax and/or broadways? A 7 in his hand is unlikely due my hand.
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    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      I wouldn't bet out myself against fish without made hand(and without monsterdraw). "No set, no bet" seems too basic, but it's a good rule despite that imo. You don't have too much FE against such fish, so it's better to wait and see if you improve your hand and try accomplishing all-in then. Also with such a mediocre hand cheap SD would be better than trying pushing villains out of the hand.

      As played, I think UTG can easily have A8, A9, JT, QT or something similar and I don't think your hand plays well against his raising range on the flop. I think with his passive AF he must have at least something to raise you.
    • wuusaa
      Joined: 15.05.2007 Posts: 455
      its very close i think.
      you need 40% equity to call.
      you have 10 outs -> also 40%

      if you include that utg can raise your bet with mid- or bottom pair, i think it's +ev to call the push.

      i also like the complete.

      my thoughts:
      what do you think of a check-raise?
      i like the idea because of 10 remaining outs and a lot of fold equity.

      your bet does not create much much FE.

      interesting hand where i am not really sure what is best.
    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      I will check BTN stats as in stealing limped pot etc. since I dont give you a complete picture atm


      BTN Stats:

      First thoughts:
      Steal limped pot 60% out of 5 cases and an okay AF so check/raise would be an option.

      But what if they both check behind Wuusa? You lead out on the Turn wheN BB checks?

      - Gerv
    • wuusaa
      Joined: 15.05.2007 Posts: 455
      my personal rule is:

      - 3way i play bet-push (bet-fold) more often

      - 4way+ i prefer a check raise
      requirement: foldequity and remaining outs (good equity if being called)

      if the flop gets checked by all...
      not the best situation i think.

      But i would play bet-fold then i think.
      -you are not commited
      - if you are just getting called & you hit one of your outs on the river, the pot is much bigger
      its going all in
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      you say they will limp call in 50% of cases. As long as their vpip is high enough id go for a 7bb bet or open-push depending on their post-flop stats (remember your in the sb and therefore will be going in almost 100% of boards)
    • ysessa
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 1,331
      I would just push preflop, it hasnt to be balanced in order to get plus ev and 3,5$ deadmoney are a nice catch. sometimes they will even call with worth pairs.

      on the flop utg is to passiv to go broke here imo. i would expect 2pair set straight very often.