"Bad" stats, still showing profit

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      I play at Pacific Poker, recently moved to nl10. I've seen alot of mention of so called optimal stats. My stats are definately not within this range, yet I show profit. Turned my bankroll into over 700$ now.

      I downloaded a trial of something called poker crusher a couple of days ago. I have 4765 hands recorded in that time. Here is the stats.

      BB/100: 11.70
      VP$IP: 25.23%
      PFR: 8.27%
      ATS: 25.42%
      FBBvS: 60%
      Cold call: 13.84%
      FL-See SD-See: 23.49%
      W$SD: 54.60%
      PFRR: 0.76% (poker crusher records this in a bad way, it is recorded as 36/4765, not as the percentage of the time where it is actually raised and I reraise)
      FL-See Agg: 1.57
      FL Agg: 1.67
      (LP)FL AGG: 2.17
      TU AGG: 1.12
      RI AGG: 2.30
      RI-Allin W$SD: 66.67%

      I've read that the gap between VPIP and PFR should not be that big. Yet, on these limits at Pacific, if I raise in early or middle position I know I will get callers so I prefer limping behind with suited connectors and small pockets. Then on to the cold calling. If the player before me raise, there will be other callers so I am confident it will be a multiway pot even if I am first to act behind him. My steal% is much higher than pfr but out of the 4765 hands there have been only 236 steal oppurtunities in which I have used 60 of them. You rarely get to openraise once you get to middle position.

      Here's how it usually goes:

      UTG station limps, UTG+1 nit folds, UTG+2 nit folds, MP1 station limps, MP2 maniac minraise, MP3 hero calls, CO nit folds, BU nit folds, SB station calls, BB station calls, UTG station calls, MP1 station calls

      People are limpcalling J2s and calling bottom pair to a cbet. So in my opinion you need a strong hand to raise, but if you can take a flop with a speculative hand against tons of loose players, why not? Hence my huge gap between VP$IP and PFR.
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Well, I don't know this programm and his stats. But 4k hands is no samplesize anyway. If you can adjust to a vertain way of playing by your opponents and the result are such stats, it's ok. Preflop a lot is allowed if you know how, when and why you do it everything is fine. Postflop is more important anyway.

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